We are a group of laboratories with more than 40 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE, OF CHARACTER AND FAMILY PHILOSOPHY, where the VOCATION OF SERVICE TO THE PATIENT AND THE DOCTOR is the cornerstone of all our activity.

We are one of the few major laboratories that was founded and continues to be led by LICENSES IN MEDICINE AND SURGERY AND SPECIALISTS IN CLINICAL ANALYSIS. This added value makes our SERVICE COMMITMENT possible with patients and doctors who rely on mdb. It is necessary to emphasize our daily effort in helping the patient and in facilitating the interpretation of the analytical results to our companions of medical profession. Our PROFESSIONAL, DEDICATION and PERSONALIZED ATTENTION, forces us to give immediate response to the pathological analytical results that are reported as a matter of urgency.

To meet the needs of patients and professionals who trust us and with the purpose of improving our TOTAL QUALITY SERVICE, we have provided all the necessary resources to our PATIENT CARE UNIT (atencionalpaciente@labmdb.com) to give an immediate response And a personalized treatment to your needs.

In the same line of continuous improvement of the quality of our service, we introduced a new laboratory concept of PERMANENT URGENCIES, creating an uninterrupted schedule at our central Urgel street, nº 161 , in Barcelona, 365 DAYS OF THE YEAR, of Monday to Saturday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. And Sundays and public holidays, from 8 am to 8 pm.

With the aim of getting closer to our patients, facilitating ACCESSIBILITY and avoiding unnecessary displacements, we started a new stage of continuous expansionary process for years, creating an EXTENSIVE NETWORK OF EXTRACTION CENTERS. Emphasize our firm commitment to integrate these extraction centers into the OPTIONAL TABLES of ALL MEDICAL INSURANCES or ENTITIES OF FREE INSURANCE that exist today.

We must not forget that we are immersed in a sector in constant technological innovation, which forces us to constantly incorporate the latest technical advances in the field of Clinical Laboratory. This innovative effort allows us to ensure that we are one of the laboratories with LESS RESPONSE TIME to perform the clinical analysis.

This CELERITY AND EFFICIENCY in the response to the needs of the patient and the doctor, together with the implementation of a QUALITY SYSTEM based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2008 Normative, also focused on the patient service, has enabled us to experience a CONSTANT GROWTH, always maintaining excellent quality standards. 

The concept of CLINICAL LABORATORY has evolved a lot in the last years, both in terms of spatial and functional organization of the different classic specialties, as well as in the role of the professionals SPECIALISTS IN CLINICAL ANALYSIS.

Analytical systems have been consolidating that allow to concentrate different techniques with different physical-chemical foundations. The same analyzer allows to perform a large number of techniques previously performed in three different Laboratories or at least three different sections of the same Laboratory, allowing very complete diagnostic profiles. These laboratories are no longer physically separated by partitions or panels, but a large part of their contents is done together in a same space called CORE OF THE LABORATORY.

In the Clinical Laboratory sector, there have been incorporating specialties of the laboratory that increasingly take more relevance such as PATHOLOGICAL ANATOMY, GENETICS, CYTOGENETICS or MOLECULAR BIOLOGY. We are currently carrying out diagnostic and preventive analyzes that have meant a very significant advance in the care and follow-up of patients.

A very significant conceptual change that mdb has experienced as a cornerstone of its growth has been the FUSION between so-called PROGRAMMED LABORATORIES and EMERGENCY LABORATORIES.

EMERGENCY LABORATORIES is not conceive as autonomous entities, as it was done in the past, but we include them and mix them in the CORE of the PROGRAMMED LABORATORY. We are a RAPID RESPONSE ANALYSIS CENTER with new designs of space, technology and functions, regardless of whether they belong to the classic sections of Hematology, Biochemistry or Microbiology. All laboratory tests, both routine and urgent, are processed in ONE LABORATORY and in the same autoanalyzers, and in some of them, during the 24 hours without interruption.

One of the engines of change has undoubtedly been the increase in the number and type of tests requested, the economic factor or expense containment policy, in order to take full advantage of the resources we have.

The so-called economy of scales has led us inevitably to an increase in the volume of work, optimizing available resources, always fulfilling the basic objective of offering a TOTAL QUALITY SERVICE.


The role of LABORATORY PROFESSIONALS has also changed in recent years. Classically dominated a more artisanal function of all analytical phases. Their basic responsibilities were control of the analyzers, reagents and techniques. Logically, they devoted a small portion of their time to the issuance and validation of analytical opinions, as well as to training functions.

From our position as Medical Graduates and Specialists in Clinical Analysis, the SPECIALIST PHYSICIAN IN CLINICAL ANALYSIS of our time should devote his greatest efforts to FUNCTIONS as much CLINICAL, inherent to his own profession of doctor, as of MANAGEMENT of available resources, of the Organization of work processes and all the information derived from it; without forgetting, the constant evaluation of the profound TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGES produced in recent years. Difficult task for the proliferation of new techniques and diagnostic tests, and given the enormous scientific information on all types of work related to the field of Clinical Analysis.

One issue that must be mentioned apart from its importance is the necessary and growing interest of every service manager to ASSURE THE QUALITY SYSTEM in all medical activities. For this reason, the professional of the Clinical Analysis Laboratory must have extensive knowledge and proven experience in the implementation of a Quality Regulation that regulates and supervises both the technical phases of the analytical process (pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical) and the organization Of the areas of management, commercial, HR or administrative.

We consider it essential to implement the ISO 9.001: 2.008 STANDARD, which studies the PATIENT’S SATISFACTION DEGREE regarding the quality of the final product: treatment received, accessibility, time to give results, delays, reliability, format quality, opinions, comfort of the extraction and waiting rooms, etc.


We must not forget that, as Specialists in Clinical Analysis with management responsibilities of a Laboratory, we know perfectly well and follow the current LEGISLATION regarding the activity of our specialty, such as permits, accreditations, certifications or specific laws. Highlight as examples of laws that bind us, the Data Protection Act (LOPD) or the Law of Treatment of Clinical Waste.

Therefore, the set of all these detailed factors, make up OUR WORK SYSTEM that differs a lot from the classic conception of Clinical Analysis Laboratories.

To achieve the success of this new vision or culture of the Laboratory of Analysis we have involved, without exception, ALL THE COMPONENTS OF THE LABORATORY. Without the EFFORT OF EVERYONE, it would not have been possible for us to be one of the MOST SOLID, RELIABLE AND CREATIVE alternatives to entrust the CLINICAL ANALYSIS SERVICE.

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