• Service 365 days a year
    in our central laboratory.

  • Permanent emergency service
    that permanent us to act as a quick response analysis center, 365 days a year.

  • Service consultation results Internet
    through this service can easily see the results of his analysis

  • Total Quality Service
    where the SATISFACTION OF THE PATIENT AND THE DOCTOR is the cornerstone of our activity.

  • Service of notice of pathological result:
    medical personnel charge notified by telephone or by electronic transmission to the prescriber doctor

  • Service access to patient / client:
    We have an extensive network of laboratories.

  • Service to insured
    We have an extensive coverage .

  • Home extraction analysis service
    Fast, professional and experienced.

  • Service of medical reviews
    We budget custom profile for each business sector.

  • Reference laboratory services
    to other laboratories that decide to outsource certain tests.

  • Outsourcing service clinical analysis
    We are one of the strongest alternative reliable, credible and independent.

  • Service of Clinical Trials and Studies 
    Total willingness to adapt to the characteristics of the study and the needs of researchers.

  • Courier service 
    Which guarantees own professional, prompt and traceability of documents delivered or biological products transported.

  • Patient / customer service
    daily serving any question, suggestion or complaint of patients / clients who trust us.

  • Doctor service
    We work with many doctors making protocols and profiles analysis

  • Atention service to insurance health companies
    We collaborate closely with them attending to all the technical queries that are necessary.

  • Food safety advice
    Para garantizar el cumplimiento de las normas

  • Implementación y Soporte de Planes de Pre-requisitos y APPCC
    For food security assurance

  • Food Safety Audits
    Complete study and final report

  • Food Handler Training
    Customised training courses

  • Indoor environmental quality diagnosis
    according to standard UNE 171330-2 Indoor environmental quality