To satisfy the needs of patients and professionals who trust us and with the purpose of improving our TOTAL QUALITY SERVICE, we have provided all the necessary resources to our PATIENT CARE UNIT to give a response and a personalized treatment to their care requirements .

Request information at, the e-mail of immediate attention to the patient.

For mdb / catbio / abolab the patient and his satisfaction is the cornerstone on which all our objectives are based. In our constant effort to improve the quality and service to our patients, we put at your disposal a form to evaluate the service obtained and can propose any questions or suggestions that seem appropriate. You can also contact us by sending an email to

Your opinion will be sent to the Patient Care Department, which will study your suggestions and try to resolve any possible incidents.

We want to thank you for your collaboration, since your assessment is what motivates us to continue struggling to achieve our main objective, which is none other than providing the best patient service.

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